Here at Twodeck Brand we are dedicated to knowing our product inside and out, so as part of our sampling and production process we took a shoemaking course at the School of Footwear in Leichhardt, Sydney. Darren Bischoff taught us everything there is to know about the making of the TD001 and we utilised these skills to construct one of the many sample pairs that have shaped the final TD001 production.

TD001 – Stacked Heel Sample 

After working intensively with Darren over a number of days, we have our finished pair: a soft suede leather stacked heel version of of the TD001. Apart from the stacked heel outsole, everything about the design of this sample pair is the same as the production pairs of TD001. Making this pair was an invaluable experience for us. We learnt so much about the selection of leather, how to work with it, and how to make shoes comfortable and long wearing.

This pair now holds prime place on our shelf of samples and will be referred back to again and again, providing us with inspiration for new styles, and ensuring we always remember why we do what we do: making footwear that we know inside and out, so everyone can work the same path.